The health of Palestinian detainees deteriorated in Israeli jails

 The health of Palestinian detainees deteriorated in Israeli jails

RAMALLAH (Palestinian Territories) – The Palestinian Prisoners 'and Ex-Prisoners' Commission warned on Wednesday about the medical negligence and deterioration of the health of Palestinian detainees with various illnesses or injuries in Israeli jails.


In a press release, reprinted by the Palestinian press agency, Wafa the Commission denounced "the pursuit of the policy of medical negligence against of several sick prisoners in the Askalan Prison ".

"Twelve (12) sick Palestinian prisoners are in Israeli occupation jails," the commission's document added, alerting in the wake of the "deterioration" in prisoner Mohamad Brach's state of health , 39, who suffers from the "presence of fragments" in his left leg and requires surgery

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Rami Hijazi, 38, who needs functional rehabilitation, suffers from severe back pain according to the same source.

"The Israeli prison administration only gives sedatives, refuses to send tests to patients who are not transferred to hospitals, scorning all international charters and conventions on prisoners' rights to treatment," he said. added the Commission in its document.

According to Commission lawyer Karim Ajwa, quoted by Wafa, "the prisoner Bassam Al-Naassan, 21, has been waiting for a long time for urgent surgery, but the prison administration is delaying the necessary medical tests. . "

In mid-November, Kadri Abu Bakr, head of this Palestinian commission, described the state of health of detainees held in Israeli jails as "difficult and tragic."

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"Many of them (inmates) suffer from serious diseases such as cancer, paralysis, heart problems," said the official.

More than 1,500 sick prisoners suffering from chronic diseases are victims of medical negligence in the occupation's prisons, according to the Palestinian Prisoners' Club.

At the beginning of June, Palestinian officials called on international institutions to investigate the Israeli prisoner's policy of medical negligence against Palestinian sick detainees.

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