The Muslims of France decided to work for a true representation of their worship

 The Muslims of France decided to work for a true representation of their cult

PARIS – The President of the National Federation of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, said Sunday in Paris that the Muslims of France decided to work "by themselves and for them- "a true" representation and a "solid" structuring of their worship.

The Muslims of France, "tired" by so many "aborted" projects of organizing Islam in France, decided to work "for themselves and for themselves" to a "real" representation and a "solid" structuring of their worship in a relationship of trust with the French authorities, he explained in an intervention at the Congress of Muslims in France, organized by the French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) to the Institute of the Arab World (IMA).

He added that they claim, at this moment "decisive" for the future of Islam in France, the independence of the Muslim religion as a "preliminary principle" to any discussion of its organization, warning that "any attempt to alter the clear and fundamental relations between religions and the state, any interference by an administration () would lead to our fierce opposition ".

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Dalil Boubakeur, who is also rector of the Muslim Institute of the Great Mosque of Paris, stressed that religious freedom, guaranteed by French law, Europe and the United Nations, is a "great public freedom" , stating that "no one can renounce it".

Believing that the Muslims of France are not the reason for the "French malaise" is that demonstrate, he said, the social events that are agitating France at the moment, pointing out that today , the Muslim is not part of an "exogenous minority".

"So, it is more than ever time to make a break with the past situation of Islam in France.We must work for a renewal in line with the current life of millions of Muslims in this country, where they form the second religion, "he argued, saying that the future of France" will be built with Muslims. "

Moreover, he indicated that the Muslims of France reject the interference in the financing of the cult, stressing that "only it matters a free and autonomous management, under legal control of an auditor who can become obligatory".

"We affirm our entire capacity to organize ourselves and for ourselves, () on an equal footing with the other cults of France", he added.

For his part, the president of the CFCM, Ahmet Ogras, after taking stock of the council since its inception, noted that his institution has brought Islam out of "clandestinity."

"We have our strengths, our weaknesses and we are aware of it," he said before addressing the issue of CFCM reform that must be "deep".

For him, we must move towards a "new" horizon by citing three major challenges: the departmentalization of the CFCM with the integration of youth and women in its component, financial autonomy by recalling the creation of the French Association for the Support of the Muslim Faith (AFSCM), and the Training of Imams and Chaplains.

Finally, he reassured that the Muslim cult "is not a danger for France," indicating that the stigmatization of Islam and Muslims is a "major risk."

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