The organization of the Muslim cult in France is the responsibility of its faithful

 The organization of the Muslim religion in France is the responsibility of its faithful

PARIS – The French Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, said Sunday in Paris that the organization of the Muslim religion in France is "entirely" the responsibility of his followers, pointing out that he does not act for the state to write its stakes.

"One thing is clear: it is not for the State to write the stakes of the organization of the Muslim religion, it is entirely the responsibility of its faithful," he said in an intervention at the Congress of Muslims in France, organized by the French Council of Muslim Faith (CFCM) and Muslim organizations

However, he warned the congressmen, gathered under the triptych "unity, independence and citizenship", that he refuted "the idea that the state should not be interested, because the sites which are before us concern all society ", calling on Muslim representatives to" work together "for the future of Islam in French society.

The minister, who is also in charge of the cults, recommended, in this sense, to "better arm intellectually" the French citizens to "fight against the radical ideas", stressing moreover that a racist or anti-Muslim insult is a "insulting the Republic".

"Our fellow citizens are too many to know Islam badly," he said, calling for dialogue, "an indispensable tool of culture and knowledge."

On the subject of Islamophobia, he called on the victims to denounce and lodge a complaint, saying that we must "never let ourselves be fought and we must" fight together. "

"I will defend you systematically in the name of secularism", he said, arguing that Islam "has its place in France and is anchored in the life of the French" .

Concerning, the project of revision of the law on the separation of the Churches and the State, adopted on December 9th, 1905, which devotes a secularism without excess, Christophe Castaner affirmed that this revision did not aim at the Moslem cult but adapting it to today's French society to "strengthen secularism" that guarantees freedom, including religious freedom.

"Our commitment is absolute with respect to the freedom of conscience and the freedom of religious practice, we want to reinforce this law, because we have found that in matters of secularism, the practice is moving away text, "he explained.

In thinking about this law, he added, "we must seek together advantageous solutions to strengthen this device."

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