The referendum of citizens' initiative, the workhorse of the "yellow vests"

PARIS – Socio-economic demands, the movement of " yellow vests "is transformed as and when these mobilizations in political movement that puts forward the claim of a referendum of citizens' initiative (RIC).

This claim is carried Saturday by the demonstrators mobilized for the act V, even if they are less numerous in Paris where practically the forces of the order are much more imposing.

The popular or popular initiative referendum, it is recalled, is devoted to Switzerland and the United States in half of the states.

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This political model gives the citizen the opportunity to draft a bill and submit it to a vote, either by Parliament or by referendum. Consecrating a direct democracy, the citizens can, in this case, directly seize the population to propose laws, without the intervention of Parliament.

In any case, it is the motto of the mobilization of this Saturday, at the moment when the public authorities have deployed every means to show that the movement of "yellow vests" is losing speed and weakened by time.

The historian and sociologist of politics, Marc Lazar, said in an analysis that the movement calls for "direct and immediate" democracy, which consists in "deciding urgently because there are no complicated problems but only simple solutions, dispensing with the slightest mediation and refusing the very principle of representation. "

For him, this claim demonstrates the strength of the anti-political sentiment which "means both a radical rejection of politics and a desire for another, more democratic and participative policy", highlighting the power of the Internet, social networks that "upset the records of collective action and the population's relationship to politics."

In the Global Platform for Change (, the "yellow vests" have launched a petition that has so far collected nearly 125,000 signatures.

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For them, it's a unique "priority". In an explanatory note, the proponents of the proposal note that successive governments are subject to lobbies, claiming for this purpose to have a "durable tool that will allow the various demands of the people to succeed."

"For yellow vests, it is easier to stay very close, very united, very determined to the end, around a single idea, especially if it is very simple and very important, "they said.

This claim, which has been very widely on social networks, includes the 42 demands of the movement, including, in addition to socio-economic, the treatment of the causes of forced migration, the good treatment of asylum seekers and the implementation of a "real" integration policy.

Politically, the movement claims that the popular referendum has entered the Constitution and the return to a seven-year presidential term.

For them, the organization of the election of deputies two years after the election of the President of the Republic allowed sending a positive or negative signal to the President of the Republic concerning his policy.

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