The Saharawi army performs a military maneuver in Mhiriz in liberated territories

 The Saharawi army performs a military maneuver in Mhiriz in liberated territories

MHIRIZ (Saharawi territories released) – The Saharawi Liberation Army on Sunday executed a military maneuver in the fourth military region in Mhiriz, in the Sahrawi liberated territories, under the supervision of the Saharawi President and Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali.

The maneuver, which was also attended by members of the government and delegations of various Saharawi institutions and liberated territories, was carried out by soldiers of mechanized infantry, air defense units, engineer and support and stewardship of the Saharawi Army, in application of real-life combat exercises aimed at the formation of units and elements, in addition to the evaluation of the combat readiness of the units and units. Execution of missions with the necessary precision

The Mhiriz region in liberated territories also saw the destruction of the eighth and last stockpile of antipersonnel mines (2,485 mines), in accordance with the Geneva call for the elimination of this type of mine, signed by the Polisario in 2005 .

The Saharawi Minister of Defense, Abdallah Lahbib, said on this occasion that "the Polisario has signed the Geneva Appeal, with the conviction of the need to get rid of the dangerous and devastating effects of mines and tragedies and pains caused to peoples by the effects of wars. "

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He further expressed the concern of the Polisario Front and the Saharawi State that the Kingdom of Morocco remains among the few countries not to join the efforts of the international community to prohibition of mines, while reaffirming the commitment of the Polisario and the Saharawi State to co-operate on this subject with all the international organizations and the parties concerned by the issue (ban on mines).

The representative for North Africa of the organization of the Geneva Appeal hailed the Polisario's approach to the destruction of this stock of mines, as well as helping to alleviate the suffering of those facing the risks of mines during their travels.

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