The Saharawi cause in the spotlight of the Italian channel Rai Uno

ROME – The suffering of the Saharawi people, the situation of political detainees in the jails of the Moroccan occupation and the plunder of resources and wealth of their country are the themes chosen by a report broadcast recently by the Italian television channel Rai 1.

As part of its famous "Special Tg1" program, the Rai Uno broadcast a report of more than 50 minutes highlighting the Saharawi cause and the historical, political and humanitarian aspects of the Western Sahara conflict, reports Thursday. Saharawi News Agency (SPS).

Speaker, in this context, the President of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (RASD), Secretary General of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, recalled that Western Sahara was the last colony of Africa waiting for its decolonization and that the international community did not fully assume its responsibility in accordance with international laws and charters to put an end to colonization and to apply international law.

Morocco continues to evade its commitments, particularly with regard to the organization of a referendum, as a just and definitive solution, because it knows full well that the choice of the Saharawi people will be independence and completion of its territorial sovereignty, President Ghali said.

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Addressing the humanitarian aspect of the conflict, the feature film highlights the decline in the aid of many humanitarian organizations to Sahrawi refugees, described as "painful" and the lived experience of Sahrawi families on both sides of the wall of the shame, erected by the Moroccan occupier, while underlining the Saharawis' determination to have a decent life until the realization of their legitimate right.

Moreover, the documentary highlights the looting targeting the resources and wealth of the Saharawi people, recalling the decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on this subject.

The situation of the disappeared and Saharawi detainees in Moroccan prisons was also dealt with in this program, the director of which met many Sahrawi officials and citizens in the refugee camps and the liberated territories, concludes SPS.

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