Thousands of Mauritanians march in Nouakchott against "hatred and extremism"

NOUAKCHOTT – Thousands of Mauritanians took part Wednesday in Nouakchott a national march to express a unified position against all forms of discrimination and against anything that could undermine the cohesion of the Mauritanian people and the solidarity of its components, reports the local press.

The march, initiated by the Mauritanian government and in which the Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz took part, members of the government, several members of the National Assembly (Parliament) and representatives of political groups, trade unions and civil society, aims to "deal with hate speech".

"The people came unanimously to block the authors of hate speech and division and show their commitment to the preservation of national unity and social cohesion, on the one hand , and defend the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful cohabitation in a climate of peace and security, "said the Prime Minister in a statement.

The march participants chanted slogans calling for national unity: "Together Against Racism and Racism", "No to Hate Speeches", "No to Preachers and Disrupters", " Yes for a prosperous, united and united Mauritania "," No to hatred and extremism ".

In a speech at a rally at the end of the march inside the former Nouakchott airport, the Mauritanian President said that "the massive presence at this march is a stinging response of the people Mauritanian to the apotres of division and extremism that can be counted on the fingertips. "

"The exit of this large number of citizens shows their strong feeling of preserving national unity and assuming their responsibility towards the nation and its glorious history, as well as their firm opposition to the partisans of the discord among the Mauritanian people, those who have external agendas and destructive ideas, "he says.

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