Towards a "new dynamic" for the representation of the Muslim cult in France

PARIS – The French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM) and all Muslim organizations in France expressed Sunday in Paris their desire to create a "new dynamic" for the representation of the Muslim cult, ensuring more proximity through regional councils.

They also decided to "involve all religious leaders through the strengthening of the religious council at the national level and the creation of councils of imams and chaplains at the departmental and regional levels", said a " Proclamation of the congress of Muslims of France "read after the work organized by the CFCM.

The congress took place, under the triptych "unity, independence and citizenship", with the participation of the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, the Secretary of State to the Minister, Laurent Nunez, the President of the Foundation of the Islam of France, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, the President of the Observatory of Laïcité, Jean-Louis Bianco, the Senator Nathalie Goulet, the Ambassador of Algeria in France, Abdelkader Mesdoua, and members of the Diplomatic Corps of Muslim Countries

Fifteen years after the creation of the CFCM, the signatories of the proclamation felt it was time to take a step that "will have to take into consideration the new concerns facing the Muslim faith".

To this end, they stressed their attachment to the unity of the Muslims of France and to the unitary approach of the federations and the big mosques of France around the CFCM, institution representative of the Moslem cult, agreeing to reinforce their bonds to "continue the work of organizing Muslim worship, its financing and the training of its cadres".

The Muslims of France also noted the need to ensure the financing of the Muslim religion and its independence through the French Association for Support of the Muslim Faith (AFSCM), created last July by the CFCM and the federations Muslim.

In this context, they called on mosques to work "relentlessly" to preserve the youth of extremist ideologies and "pass on without interruption a word of peace, serenity and hope for all citizens of France."

While assuring their attachment to a dialogue "serene and constructive" with the public authorities, they affirmed that the definition of the dogmas and the practices of the cults "falls" to the representatives of the cults "by themselves" within the limit " imperatives of public order and in accordance with the principles and values ​​of the Republic ".

Moreover, the Muslims of France denounce "with force" all the expressions of the hatred and the violence "of which their fellow citizens could be victims", calling for that the anti-Muslim acts and the recurrence of an islamophobic speech are "fought relentlessly by recourse with confidence to justice () and without ever giving in to provocation."

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