UN: 7 million mines threaten the lives of Sahrawis

 UN: 7 million mines threaten the lives of Sahrawis

BIR LAHLOU- The Saharawi president, Ibrahim Ghali claimed that the destruction of the last stockpile of mines owned by the Polisario Front was evidence of "his good intention" and respect for his engagement with the Geneva Call Organization in November 2005.

In this regard, Mr. Ghali pointed out that more than 7 million mines were still implanted throughout the military wall erected by Morocco (wall of shame), which cause enormous damage among the ranks of civilians Saharawis.

The Saharawi President highlighted, in a message sent to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, the constructive participation of the Polisario Front in the first round of negotiations held on 5-6 December in Geneva.

Among these proposals are "the immediate cessation of all illegal economic and commercial activities carried out by Moroccan authorities and foreign companies on the Sahrawi territories and the authorization of humanitarian organizations and independent observers and the media to enter in the occupied territories "

He also reiterated the Polisario Front's commitment to the UN political process and the efforts made by Mr. Guterres and his Personal Envoy to continue direct negotiations between the two sides of the conflict in order to achieve a peaceful, just and lasting solution guaranteeing the Saharawi people's right to self-determination in accordance with the resolutions of the Security Council and the UN GA

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"Convinced of the imperative to get rid of the dangerous and destructive repercussions resulting from mines, in addition to the evils and tragedies suffered by the peoples, the Polisario Front has no hesitation in signing the Geneva appeal", Saharawi Defense Minister Abdullah Lahbib also expressed the concern of the Polisario and the Saharawi State vis-à-vis the situation in Morocco, one of the few countries still not adhering to the process. International Mine Ban Treaty.

The legitimate representative of the Saharawi people has seized the Security Council of the complete destruction of its anti-personnel mines stock, as a sign of good faith, forming the wish to see the international community weigh all its weight to bring Morocco to sign the Ottawa Convention on the Prohibition of the Use and Stockpile of Anti-Personnel Mines and Cluster Munitions. An admission also expressed by the Saharawi Association of Mine Victims.

As a reminder, the Saharawi President had contacted, last December, the Secretary-General (SG) of the UN, urging him to accelerate the process of mine clearance of millions of mines planted by the Moroccan occupation all along the wall of shame, however, affirming the continuation of Moroccan forces to replace the mines carried by floods especially in winter.

Also, the Saharawi president had denounced, through a writing, the exposure of two mines by two vehicles of Sahrawi owners, causing the death to a person and several wounded.

The wall of shame, set up by the Moroccan occupier and dividing the Saharawi families, is one of the most dangerous belts in the world, because containing millions of antipersonnel mines, affirmed reports Saharawi.

During the 80s of the last century, the Kingdom of Morocco built a dividing wall dividing the lands of Western Sahara over a length of

2700 km, and 3 meters high, infested with millions of anti-personnel mines (between 5 and 10 million). A wall that cut the bridges between Saharawi families living near both sides.

The Saharawi Association of Mine Victims reported "300 casualties (between the dead and wounded) due to the explosion of anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions carried by floods to suspected areas to be sure ".

According to several testimonies, the mines, causing the death of a few thousand camels, also affected the life of plants and animals. (APS)

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