UN GA adopts Global Compact on Refugees

 UN GA adopts Global Compact on Refugees

NEW YORK (United Nations) – The UN General Assembly adopted Monday by a large majority, but without the United States and Hungary, a Global Compact on Refugees to improve their international management.

The resolution on the Refugee Pact was approved by 181 countries, two voted against – the United States and Hungary – and three abstained. Like the one on migration, the Global Compact on Refugees has no binding value. Both texts stem from a New York Declaration unanimously adopted in 2016 by the 193 UN members to improve their ability to better accommodate refugees and migrants and to facilitate their return to their country if necessary. of origin.

Under the leadership of the Geneva-based High Commissioner for Refugees, led by Filippo Grandi of Italy, the Global Refugee Pact aims to foster an adequate international response to massive refugee movements and protracted refugee situations.

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It will "strengthen the assistance and protection of the 25 million refugees identified in the world," said the President of the UN General Assembly, Ecuadorian Maria Fernanda Espinosa.

The document contains four essential objectives: to ease pressure on host countries, to increase refugee self-reliance, to increase access to third country solutions and to help create countries of origin. the conditions necessary for the return of refugees to safety and dignity.

Contrary to the document on migrants, the United States participated in the negotiations on the one on refugees that lasted eighteen months.

The Pact on Migrants, adopted unanimously in July less the United States and which have withdrawn from several countries, must be ratified Wednesday at the UN General Assembly, was indicated.

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