UN: Palestinian Authority welcomes rejection of resolution condemning Hamas movement

 UN: Palestinian Authority welcomes rejection of Hamas resolution

RAMALLAH – The Palestinian National Authority on Friday hailed the results of the vote in the UN General Assembly rejecting a draft resolution tabled by the United States to condemn the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas.

After thanking the voting countries, the Palestinian Authority stressed that it would not allow the condemnation of the Palestinian National Resistance (Hamas). Government spokesman Youssef al-Mahmoud said "the failure of the US administration to adopt the draft resolution, which accuses the Palestinian side, acquires the occupation and encourages it to commit more than crimes against the Palestinian people. "

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The spokesman thanked all the countries that voted against the US draft resolution, saying it was a victory for Palestinian law and a condemnation of the Israeli occupation and the US administration.

The text of the United States received only 87 votes, including those of the European Union. After a request from Afghanistan to change its vote, 58 countries voted against it and 32 abstained, according to a final count.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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