United States: The Federal Government Is Nearing A Partial Shutdown

WASHINGTON – The United States Heads Friday For A New Partial "Shutdown" While The Republican Majority In The Senate and the democratic opposition struggle to reach a compromise on the financing of the state.

The House of Representatives voted Thursday to add $ 5 billion to a budget bill to prevent the partial blockage of the federal government. The amount is intended to build a wall at the borders with Mexico as claimed by President Trump.

However, the support of 60 of the 100 senators is necessary for the passage of the text in the Senate where the Republicans hold a majority of 51 seats. The Republican Party will need the vote of several elected Democrats to pass the law. Unless an unexpected rebound, the United States will live Saturday from midnight their third Shutdown.

The Senate postponed Friday night its work until Saturday, when the two Republican majority leaders in the House of Representatives and Senate, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, left the Capitol, seat of Congress.

In his latest tweet on Friday night, President Trump said he had canceled his trip to Florida waiting to see if the Democrats would help him secure the western borders of the United States.

The partial closure of the federal administrations will be announced in less than three hours and will concern some departments such as Trade and Homeland Security.

The rest of the departments will be spared since a budget already voted by Congress covers 75% of federal spending, including that of the Pentagon, until September 2019.

Earlier Trump warned that if Democrats rejected the bill "there will be a Shutdown that will last a very long time."

The White House chief chooses to play all his cards to get his proposal through before Democrats resume control of the House of Representatives in January.

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