University: increase of registration fees: the mayor of Paris expresses her "strong anxieties"

PARIS- The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidlago, has expressed to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe his "deepest concern" at the increase, announced for 2019, fees for the registration of foreigners at the French university.

"I wish to express my deepest concern at the announced increase in the cost of higher education for foreign students," said the Socialist mayor in a letter to the Prime Minister dated December 12 and the APS received a copy Wednesday.

She added that "while they are 67,000 to be welcomed today in Paris, it seems to me (…) likely to dissuade, in the future, many talents to take steps of 'access to studies in France', adding that it has received with "attention and enthusiasm" the government's announcements for a "better" reception of international students.

"The attractiveness of Paris is also due to our ability to represent a territory of reception and unconditional refuge, for all the academic intellectuals and artists who flee their country of origin for economic as political reasons "she said, saying" proud "that Paris" hosts some of the best institutions in the world with a cost of tuition that offers everyone the opportunity to access higher education. "

For Anne Hidalgo, international openness constitutes an "essential" element of the quality of Paris' scientific research and the influence of France.

Since the year 1253 and the creation of La Sorbonne, it is recalled, the history of Paris is "intimately" linked to the university and universalist project "it carries within it". Today, the capital

hosts no less than 363,000 students in its higher education institutions, including 67,000 foreign students in one of the 370 higher education institutions that compose it, but this principle, it is estimated, is found " threatened "by the Prime Minister's announcement of his desire to increase registration fees for non-EU foreign students.

Since 2001, the City of Paris, in partnership with Cité Internationale Universitaire and Crous (University Social Work) of Paris, has set up a one-stop-shop to welcome all administrations and aims to simplify procedures for foreign students.

According to the municipality, 18,000 international students have designated Paris in 2018, their second "favorite student city in the world".

As a reminder, last November, the French government decided to increase tuition fees for students who do not reside in the European Economic Area (EEA) as of September 2019, from 170 euros for the license and 243 euros for the master to respectively 2,770 euro and 3,770 euros.

Algerian students in France, it is recalled, are among the most numerous to study with a number of 30,521 against 26,116 in 2017, according to the latest data from Campus France.

In the top 25 of 2017, Algeria ranked third after Morocco and China with a 10% increase in headcount from 2011 to 2016.

In the new ranking, it ranks second behind Morocco (39,855) and ahead of China (30,071) for a total of 343,400 foreign students who have chosen France to study for the 2017-2018 academic year.

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