Washington "frustrated" that conflict in Western Sahara is not settled

WASHINGTON – President Trump's Security Advisor John Bolton on Thursday expressed his "frustration" at the blockage of the Western Sahara issue, saying it was time for the Minurso to carry out its mandate.

"Frustration, frustration", repeated the head of the National Security Council (NSC), referring to the question of Western Sahara during a press briefing at Heritage Forum, after a debate on the new strategy of the American administration in Africa.

"You should think of the Saharawi people, the Sahrawis who are still in the refugee camps," added John Bolton, pointing out that the Saharawis and their children "need to return home and have a normal life".

During this debate on the United States' new strategy in Africa, President Trump's adviser returned to peacekeeping missions in the continent, explaining that the US administration wanted to put an end to the peacekeeping missions in the continent. did not fulfill their mandates after years of deployment.

Bolton, who is very familiar with the Western Sahara issue, having participated in the establishment of the Minurso mandate in 1991, regretted that the mandates of these missions are systematically renewed each year without achieving the desired results. to end conflicts, he said.

To better illustrate the situation, the former US ambassador to the UN quoted Western Sahara, his "favorite example", indicating that a referendum of self-determination was to be held in this territory but 27 years after no progress has been registered in this direction.

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Bolton felt it was necessary to "focus" on the means by which these missions could successfully fulfill their mandates. But "success is not to maintain these missions indefinitely," he said.

"27 years of deployment and the mission is still there how can you justify this?", He asked while addressing the floor of African ambassadors, NGOs and American personalities who attended to this debate.

Bolton asserted that "the resources, the attention and the effort" deployed within the framework of this mission "would be more productive", if they were devoted to the development of the peoples of the region.

The settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara will reorient the funding allocated to the mission to economic development, he argued.

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