WBU Summit: Foreign Ministers Invited to a Preparatory Meeting

 WBU Summit: Foreign Ministers Invited to a Preparatory Meeting

Tunis – A correspondence was sent to the Foreign Ministers of the member countries of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), to invite them to a restricted meeting in Tunis, in preparation for the 7th Summit of Heads of State of UMA, Union Secretary-General Taïeb Baccouche said Saturday at a round table organized by the Arab Maghreb Trade Union.

According to the Tunisian news agency TAP, during this round table held under the slogan "Capable of building a great Arab Maghreb", Mr. Baccouche declared that Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania have accepted this invitation, saying that each of these countries have expressed the wish to host the WBU Council of Foreign Ministers.

As a reminder, Algeria had formally seized the Secretary General of the WBU, calling on it to organize as soon as possible, a meeting of the WBU Council of Foreign Ministers ", an initiative which "is in line with Algeria's intimate conviction, repeatedly expressed by Algeria, of the need to revive the building of the Maghreb whole and the reactivation of its authorities".

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Countries and organizations also welcomed the initiative of Algeria, which pleaded for the reactivation of the UMA in gel for several years. The last regular meeting of Maghreb ministers of foreign affairs was held in 2003.

In July 2012, Algeria hosted a special session of the Council of Maghreb Foreign Ministers which was devoted to the examination of security challenges, the fight against terrorism in the Maghreb region and the coordination of security policies. The last UMA summit, created in 1989, took place in 1994 at

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