Western Sahara conflict: Trump urged to put pressure on Morocco

 Western Sahara conflict: Trump urged to put pressure on Morocco

WASHINGTON – Des US voters and international human rights advocates have urged US President Donald Trump to press Morocco to end the illegal occupation of Western Sahara and hold the referendum on self-determination before the end of the current year.

"We ask you to work for the holding of the referendum (long promised to the Saharawi people), for the settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara, will be held in 2018. And if that fails, you call on Morocco to end its brutal and illegal occupation of Western Sahara (since 1975), "the signatories wrote in a letter from the American Foundation for Western Sahara to the White House.

The letter cites the close connection between the Western Sahara issue and the themes on which Mr. Trump campaigned for the presidential election when he spoke of "forgotten men and women" and how the Corruption in the government can lead to injustices, stating that "Sahrawis are the forgotten men and women who suffer (…) broken promises".

"We call on you to put an end to the illegal occupation in the last colony in Africa, Western Sahara.While we represent many different political opinions, we are all dismayed by the fact that Morocco occupies Western Sahara for more than 40 years, while all the previous administrations of the United States, as well as the United Nations and the majority of the countries, have agreed that the people of Western Sahara are entitled to determine the future of their country. " reminded the initiators of the letter.

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As such, the signatories, American, Australian, Georgian, British … have also asked that "all international aid from the United States, be refused in Morocco until all Saharawi political prisoners are freed from their illegal detention ", calling, on the same occasion, to put an end to Morocco's repeated attempts to exploit the natural resources of occupied Western Sahara.

"The situation in Western Sahara is a striking illustration of the sentiments you expressed during your campaign for the presidential election.In exploiting its wealth and resources, Morocco has managed to block the referendum on self-determination promised since long time by the United Nations to the Saharawi people in 1991 ", they regretted.

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