Western Sahara: Green MEPs decide to boycott vote on EU-Morocco agreement

BRUSSELS – Green Alliance MEPs decided Thursday to boycott Parliament's vote European Parliament scheduled for next week on the EU-Morocco trade deal, illegally including occupied Western Sahara, as a protest against Parliament's rapporteur Patricia Lalonde, a member of a Moroccan lobby group.

On Thursday, an internal protest broke out in the European Parliament following the continuation of the examination of the controversial agreement between the European Union and Morocco, reported the website Euobserver, reporting on the protest of the Greens MEPs at this meeting. sitting calling first for the conclusions of an internal inquiry into a possible violation of the code of conduct of the parliamentary body by "European elected officials colliding with Moroccan interests", including Patricia Lalonde.

The Finnish Green MEP and Deputy Speaker of the Parliament, Heidi Hautala, announced in this context that she was suspending her participation in the work of parliament in protest against the current review of the EU trade agreement -Morocco, demanding "first the finalization of the internal investigation into a possible violation of the code of conduct".

Other Green Alliance MPs also decided to join the call for a boycott of the work of the European Parliament announced by Heidi Hautala.

This decision follows a survey conducted by the EUobserver website which revealed that the European MEP in charge of the EU-Morocco trade agreement, the French Patricia Lalonde, was a member of the Board of Directors of the Moroccan foundation EuroMedaA

The foundation is in the spotlight because it is one of its ranks of former Moroccan ministers and politicians and active since the Brussels office lobbying group Hill + Knowlton + while not in the register of organizations lobbyists of the European Union

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Since the publication of this EUobserver survey, Patricia Lalonde has announced that she has resigned from the foundation, while other MEPs who are members of this organization are currently undergoing an internal parliamentary investigation for a possible violation of the code. of driving.

The governing body of the European Parliament met on Thursday to debate the issue after the Green MEPs asked for the suspension of the dossier for the examination of the controversial EU-Morocco agreement until Code of Conduct investigation finalized

"Unfortunately, the Speaker of Parliament Antonio Tajani decided to take this step, at the meeting of the Conference of Committee Chairs," said Heidi Hautala, in an e-mail addressed to other MEPs working on the file.

The Parliamentary Commission for International Trade (INTA) is due to vote on the EU-Morocco trade agreement next Monday. But, Ms. Hautala insisted that the internal investigation on Patricia Lalonde be first finalized, before beginning the review of the agreement, saying she was disappointed by the decision of the Speaker of Parliament Mr. Tajani .

"For the moment, I am suspending my active cooperation in finalizing Mrs Lalonde's dossier on the EU-Morocco trade agreement," she wrote in an e-mail, while announcing that she would leave the room. of Parliament when the vote takes place. The EU-Morocco deal is considered "illegal" by MEPs, as it includes the exploitation of Western Sahara's natural resources.

The judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that Morocco has no sovereignty over the occupied Sahrawi territories, designated as separate and separate territories and that the European Commission must first obtain the agreement of the local Saharawi population for any economic agreement concerning its territory.

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