Western Sahara is not Moroccan, says the US Senate

 Western Sahara is not Moroccan, says the US Senate

WASHINGTON – The unprecedented new budgetary provision on the use of US aid to Western Sahara, adopted by the House of Representatives, clearly states that "the occupied Sahrawi territories are not Moroccan", declared a responsible to the US Senate

Quoted Monday by al-Monitor, Tim Rieser, the foreign affairs advisor to the influential Democratic Senator Patrick Leahay, reiterated the Senate's position on this issue, saying that Western Sahara no is not Moroccan.

"It is clear that the Senate appropriations committee does not consider Western Sahara as part of Morocco, while its political status remains to be determined," he said in a brief statement to the American site.

The Senate has opposed in recent years the proposal of the House of Representatives to allow Morocco to manage US aid in the occupied territories because it amounts to recognize implicitly "Morocco" Sahara Occidental.

A political line that the Democrat Patrick Leahy, Dean of US Senators and the Chairman of the Senate Panel on Foreign Aid, Republican Lindsay Graham, have been keen to respect in recent years. The authorization granted to Rabat has been included since 2014, in the budget laws voted by the Congress on the inspiration of the Moroccan lobby in the House of Representatives.

The measure carried by the former pro-Moroccan Republican Congressman, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, aimed to insidiously recognize Morocco as "administering power in the occupied territories". The lifting of the authorization, as provided for by the new provision, reflects the partisan agreement currently prevailing in Congress on this issue.

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Al Monitor refers to "a change of dynamic" in the US parliament even if he believes that the provision should be ratified with the adoption of the federal budget 2019, currently blocked by intense discussions on the financing of the anti-migrant wall, requested by President Trump.

In addition to devoting Western Sahara to a chapter separate from that of Morocco, the House of Representatives sent "an additional warning," said Al Monitor.

The Chamber, recalls the site, asserted that nothing in this Act can be "interpreted as a change in US policy" with regard to the Saharawi question of "supporting the the UN process and (its efforts) to monitor the cease-fire and achieve a peaceful and lasting solution "to the Western Sahara conflict, guaranteeing the Saharawi people the exercise of their right to self-determination.

And stresses that the Trump administration has caused panic in Rabat after statements by National Security Council chief John Bolton on holding the referendum on self-determination, which has been stalled for more than two decades.

In a reaction to the American site, the representative of the Polisario Front in Washington, Mouloud Said, enthusiastically welcomed the new language contained in the provision of the House of Representatives. "The Saharawis express their gratitude to the US Congress for this attention," said Mouloud Said.

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