Western Sahara: Moroccan security blockade in El-Ayoune and Boudjder occupied

EL AYOUNE OCCUPIED – The two occupied cities of El Ayoune and Boujdour experienced, on Tuesday, an intense repressive blockade in the streets and the alleys, led by the Moroccan occupation forces through repression and violence against a group of demonstrators, resulting in the arrest of two Saharawi journalists who were reporting the facts.

Moroccan occupation forces have encircled, since Tuesday morning, the streets and alleys near the Mitala district in downtown El-Ayoune occupied, and this, in anticipation of events that called the Coordination of Human Rights. the Man, in order to claim the application of the international legality concerning the Saharawi people's right to freedom and its legitimate demands.

Patrols of the Moroccan occupation forces used violence against a group of protesters made up mostly of women at Mecca Avenue, the Agency said Saharawi press release (SPS).

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The fierce assault suffered by Sahrawis in occupied El-Ayoune, manifested itself through the patrols of the Moroccan occupation forces that led to the arrest of journalists and human rights activists, " Ibrahim El Dihani "and" Nouzha Khettari ", while covering, observing and recording the violations suffered by Saharawi protesters. The two activists were returned to the headquarters of security of occupation, says SPS.

The occupied city of Boujdour experienced the same scenario, where the occupying forces surrounded Sahrawi citizens who were considering responding to the call made by the Human Rights Coordination in Western Sahara. The SPS reported that Saharawi journalist Houda Bokna was attacked and prevented from leaving the family home, while another group of demonstrators was subjected to violence and beatings, such as de Zinbou Babi and Fatima El Hafidi

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