Western Sahara: our legal battle at the level of European justice changed the course of the conflict

LES MUREAUX (FRANCE) – The representative of the Polisario Front in France, Oubbi Bouchraya Bachir asserted that the legal battle waged by the Front at the level of European Justice, changed the course of the conflict in Western Sahara, especially after the positive results obtained during the last two years, through the judgments of the Court of Justice of the Union European Union (CJEU) which recognized that Morocco and Western Sahara are two separate countries and that Morocco has no sovereignty over the territory and its natural resources.

Speaker at the 2nd edition of the Saharawi Winter University, in a suburb of Les Mureaux, the Saharawi diplomat said that the factors and bets on which the Moroccan occupation regime was betting, by refusing to return to the negotiating table, were shattered by the determination of the international community and the Security Council to relaunch the political process in Western Sahara, specifically after the events in El Guerguerat, which showed the world the fragility of the Peace Agreement concluded between the Polisario Front and Morocco in 1991.

The Saharawi leader, on the other hand, felt that the disposition displayed by the Saharawi people, throughout the stages of their struggle for freedom and independence, as well as their legendary determination, played a major role. in the evolution of his national cause, especially at the level of the United Nations (UN), testify, he said, "the last discussions in Geneva and the steps taken by the UN organization in favor of a solution and peaceful, able to assure the Saharawi people its irrevocable right to self-determination. "

million. Oubbi Bouchraya reiterated in his speech, the "categorical refusal of the Saharawi people and its legitimate and unique representative, which is the Popular Front for the release of Sakia Al-Hamra and Wadi Eddahab, of any solution that does not ensure the Saharawi people to express its will and self-determination, freely and democratically, by means of a self-determination referendum, in accordance with the Universal Charter of Human Rights and the principles and objectives of the UN body ".

Continued spoliation of Saharawi natural resources by Morocco

Speaking on this occasion (second edition of the Winter University in France), the president of the Saharawi oil and mining center, Zoubir Ghali, has noted staggering figures on the systematic looting of Saharawi wealth by Morocco and its accomplices

He also reported the large volume of revenue from Saharawi natural resources exploited by the Moroccan colonial system illegally, with the complicity of some countries and large multinationals including European, and this in "the blatant violation of international law and of the last judgments of the CJEU ".

Specifically, Mr. Ghali reported $ 143 million in dilapidated phosphate revenues in 2017, $ 368 million in marine and $ 360 million in steel. He also cited large quantities of uranium, gold, iron, marble, salt, sand, renewable energies and agricultural products.

After presenting a series of statistics and studies on Western Sahara and its great natural wealth, the Saharawi leader recalled the study conducted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1974, which would make the Sahara Occidental the richest country in the world, given the natural wealth of this region in comparison with the population rate there.

"The figures and statistics relating to income from natural resources illegally exploited by the Moroccan occupier, no doubt confirm that its claims to develop Western Sahara are unfounded, as long as these recipes are geared towards strengthening the Moroccan army allowing a better domination of the occupied territories and the repression of the Sahrawi civilians deprived, "said the Saharawi expert.

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