Western Sahara: the White House remains committed to resolving the conflict

 Western Sahara: the White House remains committed to resolving the conflict

WASHINGTON- The Administration American reiterated the interest and commitment to resolve the conflict in Western Sahara, demanding "a robust mandate" for the Minurso to advance the UN process.

The US position was reaffirmed Thursday by John Bolton, President Trump's National Security Adviser, who expressed his "frustration" with the blockage of the Sahrawi issue, 27 years after the UN instituted the Minurso to organize a self-determination referendum in this territory.

Invited by the Republican think tank, Heritage Foundation, to discuss the new strategy of the United States in Africa, the head of the National Security Council (NSC), did not miss this opportunity to explain the new American approach to settle this frozen conflict.

Bolton explained that Minurso's mandate is now linked to the progress it will make on the ground to push for a political solution.

"If we are truly committed to protecting the innocent in conflict areas, we must insist that peacekeeping operations be accountable, robust and effective," said Bolton at the presentation of the news. strategy, part of which has been devoted to peacekeeping missions deployed in Africa.

"In April, the United States did exactly that with regard to the decades-long UN peacekeeping mission in Western Sahara, and we asked for a six-month mission renewal period instead. than one year, and we insisted that a robust and effective mandate be linked to substantial political progress, "he added in his presentation to the Washingtonian Think Tank.

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It is thanks to this approach that "the parties to the conflict and key neighboring countries have agreed to meet for the first time since 2012" in Geneva, chained John Bolton. President Trump's security advisor said he had discussed the Sahrawi issue with Secretary-General Horst Kohler's personal representative, saying the former German president possessed "creative ideas" to resolve the conflict.

Bolton, who announced during this debate a restructuring of US aid to Africa, said that the United States would no longer support "unproductive" missions.

"We will only support efficient and effective operations, and we will seek to rationalize, reconfigure or terminate missions that are unable to fulfill their mandate or to promote lasting peace," he warned. .

Bolton, who is very familiar with the issue of Western Sahara, for having participated in the establishment of the Minurso mandate in 1991, regretted that the mandates for unproductive missions were systematically renewed each year without achieving the desired results, knowing how to put an end to conflicts.

To better illustrate the situation, the former US ambassador to the UN, once again cited Western Sahara, his "favorite example", recalling that a referendum of self-determination was to be held in this territory. 27 years old

"27 years of deployment, 27 years and the mission is still there, how can you justify that?", He wondered while addressing the floor of African ambassadors, NGOs and personalities Americans who attended this debate.

Bolton felt it was necessary to "focus" on the means by which UN peacekeeping missions could successfully carry out their mandates.

But "success is not to maintain these missions indefinitely," he said.

The head of the NSC argued that "the resources, the attention and the effort" deployed within the framework of the Minurso "would be more productive", if they were dedicated to the development of the peoples of the region.

The settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara will make it possible to reorient the funds allocated to the mission to economic development, said the former US ambassador to the UN.

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