When the streets of Algiers tell the tragedy of Harragas

"Hearts consumed, torn by the harga, until when? Why do you say that my son died when I did not see him? "," He went beyond the sea to look for something to live, "these slogans written in black and white on streamers have furnished the streets of the Meissonier district, now rue Ferhat Boussaad, for a few days.

Banners telling the streets of the tragedy of the Algerian Harragas and the suffering inflicted on their families. Screenwriter and director Abdelghani Raoui photographed these banners last night as he wandered around his neighborhood. It is, according to this source, the story of four young Harragas from Meissonnier (Algiers-center) who disappeared in the open sea. In recent days, in Algiers, the harga pays the chronicle because massive departures of several dozens or even hundreds of young people from the capital's working-class neighborhoods have been registered.

Last week, the news of a dozen young people from the commune of Raïs-Hamidou west of Algiers, missing on the Italian coast, stirred the whole town. And the inhabitants still talk about it. Gatherings and angry demonstrations were held by the families of these Harragas on makeshift boats to join Europe, the Eldorado they dreamed of on a daily basis. The toll was heavy: at least 10 young people died in dramatic circumstances.

On the Internet and social networks, Ayoub, a young Harraga from Raïs Hamidou, one of the survivors of the unfortunate crossing to Sardinia in Italy, delivered a poignant testimony. A story that raised a huge emotion in Algiers. The tragedy of Harragas is never more relevant in our country.

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