World Cup: the most beautiful Russian fans live in these cities (Photos)

Foreign tourists who went to Russia to attend the World Cup responded to an unusual survey asking them in which Russian cities lived the most beautiful supporters of this World Cup.

Although Russia is famous all over the world for having the most beautiful women, foreign fans have tried to determine the Russian city where the girls are the most beautiful.

A rental service decided to organize an unusual survey among its foreign customers who went to the World Cup matches held in various Russian cities.

Thus, it turned out that the most beautiful football fans live in St. Petersburg and Sochi, according to 23% of foreign fans.

What is more, St. Petersburg has been designated as the most welcoming city of all the World Cup matches.

The Russian capital, Moscow, occupies only the third place in the top cities with the most beautiful supporters … such is at least the opinion of 20% of tourists surveyed.

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