"yellow vests": 80,000 police and gendarmes deployed for the mobilization day Saturday

PARIS- An important security device will be deployed tomorrow with 80,000 police and gendarmes distributed throughout the territory, for the ninth Saturday mobilization of "yellow vests" in France, reported Friday the local press.

This device is essentially the same as that of last December 8, where 89,000 members of the police were mobilized while the urban violence had reached a new threshold.

Several referents of "yellow vests" are planning to meet in Bourges because of its central location, 250km from Paris, because it is "a city a little less known to the police to avoid that there is '' nassage '' (encirclement, ed) in fact, that the tension goes up ", said one of these references to the site Konbini.

On Facebook, 13,000 people said they were "interested" to go to Bourges and 2,700 people confirmed their arrival, forcing the city to make special security arrangements.

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The parking meters have been removed from the hyper-center of the city and many public places, including the town hall and several gardens, will be closed, while the Christmas lights have been removed from some parts of the city, as said the local newspaper Le Berry Républicain.

The prefecture of Cher said that "this gathering constitutes a dangerous gathering, presents risks for the safety of the participants and organizers." Many traders are worried about the event which should begin around 10am with a walk through the city in the early afternoon.

"This is the unknown as to the number of protesters and how it will happen, will it be peaceful or will there be overflows?" Asked the Mayor of Bourges, Pascal Blanc

According to several media, "yellow vests" could also meet in Paris and Toulouse.

On January 5, nearly 50,000 people gathered in all of France, several clashes erupting between some demonstrators and police.

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