Yellow vests: fearing new violence, the government tries to appease

PARIS – The French government was still trying Thursday to stem the wrath of "yellow vests", announcing the cancellation "for the year 2019" of fuel tax increases, fearing violence during the new demonstration announced in Paris next Saturday, while the grumbling extended in high schools.

About 200 high schools and colleges, as well as some universities, are again blocked or disturbed on Thursday the fourth day of a protest movement to the different claims of "Yellow Vests."

Several demonstrations of high school students have degenerated in various cities across France, recalling somewhat the images of riots last Saturday in Paris, which went around the world.

A new demonstration of "yellow vests", announced for Saturday, raises fears of possible "violence," said the French presidency Wednesday evening, shortly after the government had made a move it hopes decisive by giving up for the year 2019 to increases in fuel taxes, thus meeting the main demand at the origin of the movement of "yellow vests".

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe attended a debate in the Senate on Thursday after being questioned in the National Assembly on emergency measures, including the cancellation of the carbon tax and the freezing of gas tariffs. electricity this winter, as well as the renunciation of hardening the automotive technical control before the summer.

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Edouard Philippe also accepted on Wednesday a new concession to the "Yellow Vests", deeming "necessary" a debate on the reform of the Tax on wealth (ISF), a tax that hit the richest and whose " Vests "claim recovery.

A minister also mentioned her return. But at the end of the day, President Emmanuel Macron put an end to the debate, excluding to put back this tax.

An exceptional end-of-year bonus, paid by companies to their employees, is also part of the tracks, said Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire.

But these ads have not appeased the "yellow vests". Faced with this situation, President Emmanuel Macron asked political parties, unions and employers "to make a clear and explicit call for calm."

"What is at stake is the security of the French and our institutions", relayed to MPs Edouard Philippe. "All the actors of the public debate, politicians, trade union leaders, editorialists and citizens, will be accountable for their statements in the coming days."

In a gesture of unity, seven French unions responded to the call, denouncing Thursday "all forms of violence". "Dialogue and listening must find their place in our country," they write. "This is why our organizations denounce all forms of violence in the expression of demands," they said.

Calls to mobilize again Saturday are multiplying and the Interior Ministry reports a "mobilization on the part of the ultra-right and ultragauche."

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