"Yellow Vests": general mobilization to prevent a new explosion of violence

PARIS – The French authorities are preparing for the eventuality of a "very great violence "Saturday, the day of a new demonstration in the capital of" yellow vests "reinforcing security with 65,000 police and gendarmes who will be mobilized throughout France, announced local media.

Dozens of Paris museums, and the Eiffel Tower, will be closed on Saturday, authorities said. In prevention, the traders of the famous Avenue des Champs-Elysees, epicenter of the violence a week ago, were asked to lower their curtain on Saturday.

In Bordeaux, a large city in the South-West also hit by violent clashes, the town hall announced the closure of a dozen public and cultural spaces. Additional reinforcements will be mobilized throughout France, beyond the 65,000 policemen and gendarmes present on the ground last weekend, announced the Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner.

"We have reason to fear a great violence," warned Wednesday evening the French presidency. Mobilized for three weeks, the "yellow vests" deemed insufficient the concessions of the government, and many of them say they are determined to reinvest the heart of the capital Saturday.

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After the promise of a freeze on energy prices during the winter and a broad consensus on the protesters' demands, the government made a new gesture by renouncing "for the year 2019" the increases of fuel taxes, the main requirement of the protestors.

This effort, which represents a shortfall of 4 billion euros, according to the government, did not seem to convince the demonstrators. "Anger has remained elusive and uncontrollable," admitted Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who continued Thursday in the Senate a debate on Wednesday in the National Assembly to defend his plan to end the crisis.

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