"Yellow vests": more people in the streets, the tension goes up a notch

PARIS – The tension, born from the challenge of the movement "yellow vests", mounted Saturday with a rising mobilization and after the violent intrusion of a group of demonstrators in the courtyard of a ministry.

Using a construction machine, the authors broke down the ministry's door and ransacked two cars, and government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux was evacuated from his offices.

The place of the intrusion is also home to the Ministry of Relations with Parliament and is located near Matignon, the seat of the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe. An investigation was opened and entrusted to the 3rd district of the Judicial Police of Paris, it was said.

This intrusion of his ministry is considered by Benjamin Griveaux, who denounced on Friday the "agitators who want the insurrection", as an attack on "France House."

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The government spokesman said Friday, it is recalled, that the government has provided "concrete and rapid" responses to the demands of the movement, including the purchasing power, pointing out that "since these announcements, the movement for those who are still mobilized, has become the work of agitators who want insurrection and basically overthrow the government. "

"It is from now on in a political fight that they are engaged to contest the legitimacy of the government and the president of the Republic", he added, reiterating that the government will act with firmness.

More than 50,000 people demonstrated on Saturday, according to the figures of the Interior Ministry, chanting slogans very hostile to President Emmanuel Macron, including "Macron, resignation."

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In Beauvais, protesters tried to block the airport, while in Lyon they managed to block the A7 motorway.

In addition, the Swedish ambassador said in a tweet that in front of his embassy and the Tunisian Embassy "yellow vests" fired that was extinguished thanks to "solidarity neighbors".

After this new mobilization, of which 55% of the French want it to continue according to the last survey, all the analyzes cross to evoke the political consequences of the determination of this social anger and the absence of convincing answers from the government which can not surpass this crisis, which is likely to break down.

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