Yellow vests: more than 30,000 protesters in France, the arrests beat the record

 Yellow vests: more than 30,000 demonstrators in France, the arrests beat the record

PARIS – Act IV of the movement of "yellow vests" showed on Saturday the strong determination of the demonstrators, more than 30,000 across France, despite a reinforced device and record arrests.

There were at noon, more than 700 people arrested in France, 615 in Paris, 508 of which were placed in police custody, according to the Ministry of the Interior who deployed this fourth Saturday of popular protest expressing the ras the tax bowl of the French

In Paris, there are about thirty wounded, including three among the security forces, according to the police headquarters.

For this day, the French authorities deployed a large number of police (8000 in the capital) and armored vehicles to counter the violence and further strengthen the security grid of the capital.

Although the morning was relatively calm in Paris, the tension rose a notch during the afternoon when the demonstrators managed to invade the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

According to specialists, the strategy sought by the security apparatus is to divide the "yellow vests" into several groups in several districts of Paris.

Despite this, the clashes took place in other parts of the capital where clashes erupted between the police and the demonstrators who chanted "Macron, resignation."

Barricades were erected by the "yellow vests" that set fire to cars and garbage cans and took off the cobblestones. They even tried to block the ring but the police intervened to unblock the situation with tear gas and aboard the armored vehicles (half-track). Even violent clashes are reported in neighborhoods of the capital, while demonstrations in other cities are held in calm.

"This movement has given birth to a monster of anger, and no one today can hold," said Saturday the Minister of the Interior, Christophe Castaner, which denotes the disarray of the government of Emmanuel Macron who begins to make concessions despite his silence.

According to many observers, a reverse facing "yellow vests" will affect other reforms in other sectors that are unpopular. Which will take him, in this context, to no longer become the "masters of clocks", while he wanted a rhythm of France at his own pace. The Elysee has announced that President Macron will address the French earlier this week. A long-awaited speech that the French do not wish it will come a little late compared to the radicalization of anger.

Despite the measures taken by the government, including the decision not to raise fuel prices, the demonstrators did not fray. They are also joined in their movement by high school students and students.

At the Champs-Elysees level, protesters expressed their solidarity with high school students humiliated Friday by the police in Monte-la-Jolie (north-west of Paris), kneeling and hands on his head.

In his tweeter account, the insubordinate leader of France, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, wrote: "Total failure of the campaign of demotivation and intimidation.The popular mobilization is already very strong everywhere in France", point of shared by National Rally President Marine Le Pen, who tweeted that "despite a government campaign of intimidation and demonization, the #Yellowjackets are present throughout the country".

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