yellow vests: more than 5000 custody from the beginning and 150 incarcerations

 yellow vests: more than 5000 custody from the beginning and 150 incarcerations

According to the Ministry of Justice, 5,339 people have been detained since the beginning of the movement's demonstrations on November 17, of whom 815 were tried in immediate court. Of the money orders, 123 people were outside the capital.

For rallies organized on Saturdays in Paris, the balance of the Ministry of Justice shows 1628 custody since late November that gave 798 rankings without follow-up, or 49% of procedures.

Around 60 sentences of imprisonment have been pronounced in Paris by the courts since the beginning of the "yellow vests" movement, a popular and apolitical movement.

According to the same source, alternative measures to prosecution have been? in one case out of six in the provinces (17.6%), citing, inter alia, "reminders to the law, the orientation of demonstrators to a health, social or professional structure, or the repair of damage".

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In this report, it should be noted that many demonstrators are brought to justice, including those who are under judicial investigation for more complex and serious cases.

In this context of social tension that many consider a political crisis, the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, has just announced his intention to change the right to demonstrate with a tightening of sanctions against undeclared demonstrations and thugs.

During his speech on TF1 Monday evening, the Prime Minister showed the contours of this new law that provides, in addition to sanctioning the organizers of unreported events, to establish a principle of "breaker -payer "and to create a file to prohibit the most radical elements.

Although these measures are "commonsense", according to the police union, they have nonetheless aroused strong criticism from the opposition and defenders of human rights and freedoms.

== Fears for Freedoms ==

The leader of France, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, who wants a political exit to the crisis, invited to determine an individual device for each demonstrator.

"When there is violence on both sides, both sides are condemned and must be sentenced," he reacted on his Twitter account, stressing that "the rule of law is not a sense single. "

For Jean-Luc Mélenchon (France insubordinate), who thinks that "there is no public order possible, nor even desirable, without social justice", the Prime Minister "authorizes the demonstrators to not more manifest, otherwise they will be stuck. "

Several politicians have said that these measures are ineffective and that it is a stalemate in which it is impossible to "really remedy the crisis".

Florian Philippot (The Patriots) said that Philippe "announces nothing more than an additional listing, as inefficient and liberticide as the previous", while Laurent Wauquiez (Republicans) said that ads are "not effective immediately."

In the ranks of communists, it is feared that these measures are "a challenge to freedom of expression and opinion."

Moreover, in this political crisis, a battle of kittens is fought between the supporters of the wounded police and those who support the boxer who struck a policeman last Saturday.

The first reached the sum of 100,000 euros, while the group of the boxer, who surrendered to the police, managed to collect more than 145,000 euros paid by more than 8,000 donors. Qualified as a "shame" and "bonus to break the policeman" by some and "solidarity" by others, it had to be closed by the online platform Leetchi.

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