Yellow vests: Parliament's green light for emergency measures

PARIS – Exceptional premium, tax-free overtime hours, no increase in CSG for part of pensioners: the French Parliament has Friday given its final green light, via a Senate vote, to the emergency measures of the executive in response to the crisis of "yellow vests."

After four hours of debate, far from the 13 hours before the Assembly, the bill on "economic and social emergency measures" was approved by show of hands.

LR Senators voted for, not "by membership" but by "responsibility" according to their leader Bruno Retailleau for whom "when there is a fire, we do not throw oil on the fire" . Senators LREM and the Centrist Union, as well as the Independents and RDSE (with a radical majority) did the same.

The Socialists abstained, like the Communists, who had unsuccessfully defended a previous motion and warned that "turkey with chestnuts" would not stifle anger.

The text having been adopted "in conformity", unchanged from the version of the Assembly, its adoption is final.

Only eight amendments, all from the left, were considered, before being rejected or withdrawn. They aimed in particular to maintain the revaluation of the social benefits according to inflation or to obtain a significant revaluation of Smic.

There will be a priori no prior seizure of the Constitutional Council and the text should be promulgated quickly, for implementation from early 2019.

The adopted bill includes the exemption from overtime, an extended exemption from CSG for retirees and the possibility for companies to pay an "exceptional bonus" of 1,000 euros, exempt from social security contributions and income tax, for their paid employees up to 3,600 euros.

He is the translation of all-round social announcements that Emmanuel Macron had formulated on December 10 to answer the "yellow vests".

Its adoption, at the end of an extraordinary budget sequence, sign the end of the work of Parliament before the truce confectioners, until mid-January.

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