Yellow vests: the government hopes the end of the demonstrations

 Yellow vests: the government hopes the end of the demonstrations

PARIS – The French government hoped Sunday that the A sharp drop in the mobilization of "yellow vests" the day before will be an opportunity to end the protests that have rocked the country for nearly a month, local media reported.

The fifth day of demonstrations gathered half as many people on French streets as the previous weeks, marking, according to local media, "the end of a mobilization cycle."

"One step is behind us, certainly, and I think it's in everybody's interest to be that way, including + yellow vests," the French minister said on Sunday. Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

"The time for dialogue has come," said the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand, while Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said that "the roundabouts must be released and the security of all become the rule again ". Since November 17, the "yellow vests" – these modest French people complaining of excessive taxation and insufficient purchasing power – block roundabouts and roads across France.

Several toll zones in the south of the country were affected by fires and degradations during the night from Saturday to Sunday. After four Saturdays demonstrations in Paris and regions, including three enamelled scenes of violence and degrading.

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After the challenge of the carbon tax, the claims of "yellow vests" quickly expanded to the global issue of purchasing power before overflowing on other themes. On Saturday, many protesters demanded the organization of a citizens' initiative referendum, as in Italy or Switzerland.

For French experts, the executive really has an interest in keeping its promises regarding support for purchasing power, because the risk of resuming mobilization is still "important". The breathlessness of the movement is experienced today as a relief for the French economy and especially for small businesses, which, at the approach of the holidays, have suffered greatly from the mobilization of "Yellow Vests".

The president of the Confederation of French traders estimated Saturday that the movement represented "a real disaster" for them, with a decline in turnover between "40% and 70%."

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