Yemen: 1st meeting of the committee to supervise the cease-fire in Hodeida

 Yemen: 1st meeting of the committee to supervise the ceasefire in Hodeida

NEW YORK (United Nations) – The first joint meeting of the Redeployment Coordinating Committee (RCC) to oversee the cease-fire in Hodeida, Yemen, took place on Wednesday. port city, according to a statement issued Thursday by the UN.

"Both parties have made efforts to clean up the mined grounds to allow Yemeni government officials within the RCC to cross the front line and participate in the meeting," said the spokesperson's office. of the Secretary-General at a press briefing in New York.

Both parties acknowledged that this first joint meeting of the Committee was a "historic moment". They reaffirmed their determination to implement the Stockholm agreement reached earlier in December under the auspices of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths.

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The agreement reached in Sweden after the first talks between the warring parties in more than two years, provides for a ceasefire in the port city of Hodeida through which passes almost 80% of the food , medical and fuel assistance from Yemen. The truce came into effect on December 18.

In a resolution adopted on December 21, the members of the UN Security Council authorized the Secretary-General to establish and deploy, for an initial period of 30 days, a preparatory field follow-up team. , to support and facilitate the immediate implementation of the Stockholm Agreement. The team is led by General Patrick Cammaert who arrived in Hodeïda last Sunday.

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