Yemen: 42% increase in areas hit by food insecurity in 2018

 Yemen: 42% increase in areas hit by food insecurity in 2018

NEW YORK (UN) – UN chief of humanitarian affairs Mark Lowcock said on Monday that the number of areas in Yemen that are severely food insecure has increased by 42 percent this year last year

The Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs said that of the 333 Yemeni districts surveyed by the UN, 152 have reached Level 4 of the index, the Integrated Classification of Food Security (IPC), compared with 107 in 2017

In total, some 20 million Yemenis are hungry, accounting for 70 percent of the country's population, an increase of 15 percent year-over-year, Lowcock said.

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Disturbingly, about 250,000 Yemenis reached IPC level 5 this year, he said, adding that this figure was ten times higher than that of the same food insecure people in Sudan. South, the only other country in the world hit by level 5.

"We had never previously registered people at level 5 in Yemen," said the deputy secretary general, adding that these people were concentrated for the majority in four districts, including that of Hodeidah, this city. port, where conflicts intensify between Houthi rebels and government forces.

million. Lowcock said the United Nations plans to help 15 million Yemenis next year, more than half of the country's population. "Among them, we plan to provide food or vouchers to 12 million people (…) against 8 million today."

To achieve this goal, the UN plans to raise $ 4 billion in humanitarian aid and its secretary general, Antonio Guterres, plans to hold a donor conference at the end of February in Geneva, said Mark Lowcock.

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