Yemen: arduous negotiations on a UN draft resolution

 Yemen: arduous negotiations on a draft UN resolution

NEW YORK (United Nations) – Security Council members have for nearly a week been engaged in tough negotiations on a draft resolution for Yemen to endorse the gains of inter-Yemeni consultations held in Sweden and allow Deployment in the country of a vanguard of observers, according to diplomats.

The text, drafted by the United Kingdom, partially reiterates a humanitarian draft resolution that has been dragging on the Security Council for a long time. Its adoption had been delayed at the request of Washington and Stockholm so as not to interfere with the consultations held in Sweden.

The main achievement of the inter-Yemeni meetings was the establishment of a cease-fire in Hodeida and the withdrawal of the city and the port -capital for humanitarian aid- Houthi rebels who hold control and government forces encircling them.

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The UN resolution will be put to the vote "in the next 48 hours," British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said on Wednesday.

After a first version deemed too weak by several countries, the text in discussions Wednesday endorses the results obtained in Sweden. He "insists on the full respect by all parties of the ceasefire decreed for the province of Hodeida". It authorizes "the UN to establish and deploy an avant-garde to start an observation work under the direction of General (Dutch retired) Patrick Cammaert".

The project also calls on "the Secretary General to submit (to the Security Council) proposals as soon as possible by 31 December on how the United Nations could fully support the Stockholm Agreement as claimed the parties ".

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In this context, the port of Hodeida in particular would come under the control of the UN. Following the inter-Yemeni consultations, diplomats discussed the possibility of deploying between 30 and 40 observers to Hodeida to ensure the cessation of hostilities and secure the delivery of humanitarian aid.

According to a diplomatic source, a last point of blockage in the Council appeared on Wednesday. While the 15-member body agreed with the text proposed by the United Kingdom, Russia objected that it should not specifically accuse countries supporting the Houthi rebels.

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