Abdelkrim Medouar comes out of his silence

LFP President Abdelkrim Medouar is holding a live press conference of the Mohamed Boudiaf Olympic Complex.

Abdelkrim Medouar is finally released from his silence because of successive polemics on programming. "You do not make an omelette without breaking eggs," he defended himself in front of the journalists.

"I will never accept that my privacy is being violated," said the LFP boss. Addressing the controversy of the game around the match between USMA and JSK, the former president of ASO Chlef spoke of "show of force."

He has, moreover, returned to his presence in the company of the National Team in Benin. "I am a former player, former club president and president of the league, I have the right to be there," he said.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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