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Algeria Cup: No more problems of domiciliation

Among the expected decisions of the federal bureau meeting before yesterday, the domiciliation of Algeria Cup matches.

In recent years, the problem of domiciliation has occurred many times. The FAF wants, thus, to finish with this concern which even caused violence. Last season, the controversy surrounding the programming of the match JSK-MCA turned to drama.

This season from the quarterfinals, the meetings will be held in return. The first club drawn will be entitled to receive first.

The BF meeting resulted in several decisions concerning the 2018/19 sport season.

the Federal Bureau made the following decisions:

1- Clubs that do not yet have professional status can not take part in the professional championship.

2- The Federal Office of the Algerian Football Federation maintains the provisions relating to the allocation of new licenses to indebted clubs (debts of more than 10,000,000 AD, status as at 31 May 2018)

This measure also affects "indebted" professional clubs demoted to an amateur league.

3- BF decision: quarterfinals (1/4) and semi-finals (1/2) matches of the "Algerian Cup" competition will be held in "Round trip". The first random draw will receive on his court.

4- Adoption of the final document of the symposium. The BF recommends organizing a ceremony for the submission of resolutions on the renewal of Algerian football to the Minister of Youth and Sports as well as to the country's highest authorities

5- Upward Review of Arbitrators' Allowances

6- Adoption of the statutes of inter-wilaya football leagues

7- Adoption of General By-Laws

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