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Beljadi Deputy Madjid Bouguerra, Bouras Goalkeeper Coach

The question of the nomination of Djamel Belmadi being settled, the eyes are turning to the members who will form the new staff of the National Team. Madjid Bouguerra is strongly anticipated to support the new coach.

Madjid Bouguerra is, therefore, the deputy of Djamel Belmadi. We already know that Djamel Bouras will be the coach of the goalkeepers.

The new staff will be composed of former players of the selection who know each other very well. A month before the meeting with Gambia, the FAF has settled the question of the technical staff.

Djamel Belmadi himself will choose his second deputy as agreed with the president of the FAF, Kheireddine Zetchi.

Article EN: Assistant Madjid Bouguerra of Belmadi, Bouras coach of the guards first appeared on ALG24 .

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