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Bourahli welcomes the appointment of Belmadi and torpedo Rabah Madjer

The former Algerian international of the 2000s, Isaad Bourahli, returned to the appointment of Djamel Belmadi at the head of the technical bar of the National Team.

Isaad Bourahli welcomed the nomination of his former teammate in the selection Djamel Belmadi. "Djamel has a personality that will allow him to succeed in the National Team," said the former scorer of the Entente de Setif

Addressing the case of Rabah Madjer, "The fox of surfaces" did not keep his tongue in his pocket. "Madjer talked a lot about consulting, he failed when he was given the chance" before continuing "From now on he will have to train and stop talking about training."

Article Bourahli Welcomes the Appointment of Belmadi and Torpedo Rabah Madjer first appeared on ALG24 .

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