CANA 2018: Algeria finishes 3rd with 21 medals in total

Algeria finished third on the podium with 20 medals after the final day of the Olympic pool at the Mohamed Boudiaf Olympic Complex in Algiers.

After 6 days of competition (10-16 September), Algerian swimmers won 20 medals: 2 in gold, 5 in silver and 13 in bronze. The 13th edition of the African Swimming Championship (CANA 2018) ended today. Thus, with these results, Algeria placed 3rd on the podium behind South Africa (2nd, 39 medals). Egypt took the title with 44 medals in total.

The gold medals were the work of Nefsi Rania Hamidi and the 16-year-old swimmer Ryad Bouhamidi

In addition, the Algerian selection gentlemen has expanded, today afternoon, his career with gold in the specialty open water (5km) at the dam Boukerdane (Tipasa).

Finally, the 13th African Championship of Open Senior Nations (men and women) held in Algeria, saw a record participation of 238 swimmers representing 31 countries who took part in this continental event.


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