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Djamel Belmadi new boss of the Greens, place to work

The wait was long for supporters of the Greens who were waiting impatiently for the successor of Rabah Madjer at the head of the EN.

Djamel Belmadi takes, therefore, the orders of the Greens a month and a half after the dismissal of Madjer. The mission will not be easy for the former captain of the National Team.

He will have to remobilize a group that has lost the soul that made its strength in the recent past. The ex-playmaker of the selection in the early 2000s is, thus, called to be the leader of the man who will be able to take the EN out of the crisis.

Players also have to play the game and turn a dark page of their course into a selection. Indeed, since the departure of Christian Gourcuff these last missed a little discipline at a certain time. The appointment of a young coach must serve the players to move forward and crown their passage in selection by an expected continental title since 1990.

The leg exists, Algeria has one of the best numbers in Africa. Now it's up to the new staff and the players to put the package back to the real level of the EN.

The press is also expected to play a positive role in the future. The various TV stations, newsrooms and radios must, while having the duty to inform the general public, to play the role of first supporter of the Mahrez teammates.

It is clear that with the contribution of all, the National Team will be able to regain its luster and why not reach the heights in the near future. Place for optimism, place at work, help our selection to become what it was in the very recent past.

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