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Ligue 1 Mobilis takes back its rights, the problems too!

The Ligue 1 Mobilis resumes today after two months of summer break. The CS Constantine puts, thus, its title of champion of Algeria in play.

CS Constantine opens the ball by welcoming NA Hussein Dey on behalf of the first day of Ligue 1 Mobilis. The resumption of the championship coincides with the outbreak of several polemics relating to the programming of the games of the clubs engaged in continental competition. The LFP has refused to postpone the games of clubs participating in continental competitions. Abdelkrim Medouar also called on these clubs to "take responsibility."

The problem of clubs in debt is also resurfacing at the beginning of the season. Several clubs are, moreover, threatened with not being able to qualify their new recruits if their debts are not settled. The new leadership of the LFP, led by Abdelkrim Medouar, is already facing the harsh reality of Algerian football.

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