Ouyahia calls to Palermo in support of the UN process in Libya

Algeria_ Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia said here Tuesday that the crisis situation in Libya persists due in particular to the divisions that continue to exist between the Libyan parties, the influence of certain negative forces, the weak support for UN efforts in Libya and numerous foreign interference in Libya with different agendas.

Ouyahia, who participates in this Conference as the representative of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, stressed that "the task of overcoming these constraints is not easy, but it remains possible if the international community unites around a few possible points of consensus. "

In this regard, Mr. Ouyahia highlighted "the need to register all efforts in support of those of the United Nations, adding that the United Nations" today proposes a process through including a National Conference in early 2019 and elections in the first months of 2019. "

He also noted that the solution in Libya "requires a rapprochement between the Libyans and that, for this, they must overcome their differences and accept their political and ideological plurality."

"As soon as the United Nations offers them a road map to bring them closer, it must also force them to move forward and the Security Council must exert pressure and even sanctions against any Libyan actor who interferes with the implementation of of the Peace Plan, "he insisted.

Addressing the crucial point of rapprochement between Libyan actors, Mr. Ouyahia stressed that "this requires the cessation of foreign interference," adding that "each country is entitled to have its own ambitions in Libya, but each must admit that the realization of these ambitions first requires a Libya in peace, in the preservation of its unity and integrity. "

"Let's save Libya first with Libyans and the UN," said Ouyahia, who called for "full support for the UN Plan, which will avoid a situation of separate approaches. and sometimes divergent. At the same time, he called on Libyan leaders to "surpass their own ambitions for the benefit of Libya and its people and for the stability of the region."

The Prime Minister concluded by calling on the international community to "unite for peace in Libya and thus repair the mistakes it made in this country", assuring Algeria "to spare no effort to the outcome of this process ". Mr. Ouyahia is accompanied during his stay in Palermo by Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.

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