Ouyahia validates megaproject sports complex for MC Alger

Algeria – enough to cheer the thousands of supporters of the Dean. Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia has authorized the public company Sonatrach to build a mega-sports complex for the benefit of Mouloudia Club Algiers, Algerian football's dean, ALG24 has learned from an official source.

The Prime Minister has given his approval for the provision of Sonatrach the land base and structures of the club RIJA, under the Ministry of Higher Education, for the construction of a "modern sports complex" , indicates our source.

The RIJA stadium is located in Ben Aknoun, near El-Mokrani High School. Sonatrach is thus in charge of developing this future mega-complex which will have to benefit the national teams, including the university teams.

Ahmed Ouyahia, according to our source, instructed the Ministers of Higher Education and Finance to proceed with the transfer of this public good to the oil company Sonatrach, before the month of October.

شارك هاذا المقال !

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