The arrival of Allik is not only happy!

While CRB supporters applauded the arrival of Said Allik as general manager of the club, some former players did not hesitate to show their disappointment in the image of Djilali Selmi.

"The CRB has among its children four globalists who could occupy this position as Yahi, Tlemçani, Dahleb and Kouissi", thus affirmed Djilali Selmi to the newspaper Ennahar.

Decidedly disappointed not to see a child of the club at the post of DG, the old legend of the great shabab of the sixties still wanted to spare Said Allik.

"Said Allik did not look for this job," he said. He, on the other hand, fired red bullets on those who proposed him this post. "They are harkis of traitors," he said, in fact,

شارك هاذا المقال !

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