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the president of the Iraqi federation threatens to resign!

Algeria-President of the Iraqi Football Federation, Abdelkhalek Messaoud, threatened to resign as vice-president of the UAFA because of the incidents that took place on Sunday during the meeting between the USMA to the Iraqi club of "Air Forces".

During the meeting between USM Algiers and the Iraqi Air Forces club on Sunday night, Usmist supporters chanted the name of former Iraqi president Sadam Hussein. Songs that likely provoked a state of anger among the players of the visiting club, who preferred to withdraw from the lawn and this meeting stopped.

Following this, the case, which was not to go beyond the green rectangle, took other considerations. Indeed, in a statement issued by the highest Iraqi sports body, Messaoud Abdelkhalek said he will resign from his position at the UAFA if it does not take measures that would give Iraqi football its full consideration , reports the Iraqi channel El-Summaria TV.

Thus, after the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned the Algerian ambassador to ask for explanations, it is the turn of the president of the federation of the country in question to threaten to leave his post of vice president at the Union of Arab Clubs Associations


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