Apple reveals failures on MacBook Pro 13 'and iPhone X

Although last year's models, MacBook Pro and iPhone X, are certainly attractive because of their reduced price, Apple manufacturers have detected failures that could disrupt their operation.

Apple has announced that it has detected a series of failures and failures, both on the MacBook Pro 13 "laptop without Touch Bar and on the iPhone X smartphone.

Thus, in some cases, the iPhone iPhone X may have "touch problems" due to a failure of a component of the screen module. The symptoms presented by a faulty iPhone X are that the screen, or part of the screen, does not respond or intermittently to the touch. Or, the screen may react even if it has not been touched. Faced with these problems, owners of the iPhone X may, according to the firm, make a free replacement of the screen or apply to an authorized service center.

In addition to the iPhone X, this replacement program also includes MacBook Pro 13s without a Touch Bar sold between June 2017 and June 2018, whose SSDs are losing data and experiencing drive failure. The company recommended that owners contact Apple service centers as soon as possible to eliminate defects.


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