Apple unveils its iPhone Xs, very upscale

Apple introduced new high-end versions of the iPhone on Wednesday, called iPhone Xs and Xs Max, as well as a new watch with many health-related features.

The iPhone unveiled Wednesday at the headquarters of Cupertino are more sophisticated versions – especially faster – of the iPhone X ("10") presented last year to celebrate the ten years of Apple's flagship product, which he is very financially dependent

The group presented the model in two sizes: 5.8 inches (14.7 cm) and a "Max" model, with a 6.5 inch (16.5 cm) screen, during its grand annual mass.

The price was not immediately revealed. The iPhone X of 2017 was sold from 999 dollars in the United States.

"This is the most advanced iPhone we've ever created," said CEO Tim Cook, a blue shirt and white sneakers, on the Steve Jobs Theater stage.

In particular, the group emphasized the quality of the OLED display and the camera, both of which make better use of video and augmented reality applications, two areas on which Apple works, seeking to diversify its activities in the face of a worldwide smartphone market that has broken down.

The apple brand has also announced that it has already sold 2 billion mobile devices.

"We are about to deliver our two billionth device running iOS," Apple's mobile operating system, boasted Tim Cook.

Boomers and Hipsters

Shortly after the start of the presentation started around 17:00 GMT, the group also presented its fourth version of AppleWatch connected watch, which includes a larger screen and more health-related features, such as a fall detector and the possibility of performing an electrocardiogram.

A way to address an aging but connected audience as well as to young hipsters living at one-hour-a-hour.

The presentation began as usual with a promotional film, parody of the series and films "Mission: Impossible" featuring an Apple employee running on the futuristic campus of the company.

Early in the morning, hundreds of guests were hurrying under the Californian sun to enter the hall.

The strategy of the very high end allows Apple to maintain its market share so far while continuing to increase its revenue from its smartphones, a good way to offset the sluggish global market completely saturated and marked by increasing competition from Chinese groups.

Apple has also launched a cheaper version of its smartphone, with fewer features and an LCD rather than OLED.

Analysts do not expect a technological revolution but will be especially attentive to Apple's choice in terms of price for its new iPhone.

Last year, Apple introduced three models, including the expensive iPhone X ("10") and its unlocking facial recognition.

"We expect Apple to raise the average selling price" of smartphones, say analysts of the firm Counterpoint Research.

The strategy of the very high end allows Apple to maintain its market share so far while continuing to increase its revenue from its smartphones. A good way to compensate for the sluggish world market, completely saturated and marked by the growing competition from Chinese groups.

"The iPhone X is one of the factors that helped Apple become the first (private) company to break the $ 1,000 billion mark of market capitalization in early August, says Counterpoint Research.

Apple can, moreover, rely on a base of unyielding aficionados, ready to break their piggy banks to afford the last born of the range.

Which makes some analysts say that Apple can easily be satisfied, financially, with a relatively small market share, but which remains fairly stable.

With around 12% of the global market, the Apple firm lost its second place in the second quarter, dethroned by the Chinese Huawei, which is growing at a rapid pace, according to the Gartner and IDC firms.

IDC forecasts a small decline in smartphone sales in 2018, to 1.46 billion units, with a moderate recovery starting in 2019, thanks to the Indian market, the recovery of the Chinese market or the arrival of the ultra-fast mobile internet 5G.

Source: AFP

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