Electronic payment: Algeria post signs an agreement with ANPT

Algeria – Algeria Post and the National Agency for the Promotion and Development of Technological Parks (ANPT) signed Wednesday in Algiers a memorandum of understanding to develop electronic payment in Algeria.

The protocol was initialed by Algeria Post's Director General Abdelkarim Dahmani and ANPT Director General Abdelhakim Bensaoula on the occasion of the Study Days on "e-commerce and e-commerce". -payment ", organized on two days by the ANPT at the cyber park of Sidi Abdallah.

This agreement relates to "the development of electronic services of commercial websites", told the APS the CEO of Algérie Poste, explaining that the two companies "will set up, through this agreement, a mechanism partnership allowing young start-ups to develop market web services as part of the new policy adopted by Algeria Post for the development of electronic payment ".

For the same manager, this partnership agreement "will contribute to the development of online payment services, in the sense that start-ups will have the necessary documentation and assistance from Algeria Post's technical services to be able to develop merchant websites for merchants and suppliers of goods and services ".

He added that the development of these services, through start-up companies at the level of Sidi Abdallah's incubator, "will contribute to the development of e-commerce and online payment of various remote services on behalf of of these traders. "

For its part, the DG of the ANPT indicated that the signed MoU "comes in response to the needs expressed by Algérie Poste in terms of the development of electronic payment solutions", noting that the ANPT "is going to support, through this agreement, the efforts of Algeria Post to generalize the use of these solutions and popularize the technology to the citizen ".


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