How to make an ideal selfie? To your smartphones!

With this range of tips proposed for each type of face by a British photographer who has made many portraits of stars, it becomes easier to make the ideal selfie.

British photographer John Godwin, best known for his portraits of stars, explained which ideal angle to choose according to the shape of the face in order to obtain a perfect selfie, reports The Daily Mail.

Thus, those whose faces are square should avoid facing and turn towards the lens of the camera on the most photogenic side of the face. In addition, the smile will lift the cheeks and round the face.

John Godwin advises people with heart-shaped faces to smile and lift their heads slightly to highlight their cheekbones.

If the shape of your face is oval and elongated, you should slightly tilt the head back and stand in profile relative to the camera, which will reduce the size of the forehead and highlight the line of the jaw.

Finally, for chubby people, it is recommended to tilt the head a little forward. This should make the face more pointed. In addition, while smiling, it is necessary to open the mouth to change the proportions of the face and "lengthen it."


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