Media / Top 10 Facebook pages in Algeria: Ennahar in the lead, El-Bilad stumbles

Algeria – Algeria had nearly 20 million Facebook users in 2017, according to Medianet Labs figures. Users of the social network Mark Zuckerberg are increasingly numerous in Algeria, which arouses the interest of the media, whose Facebook pages are used to disseminate information.

The media, especially the private television channels, are fighting another battle, that of the social networks, which allow, on the one hand, that their information is consulted by a wide public and, on the other hand, to make the promotion of programs or JT broadcast on screen.

In a ranking established by the specialized site "Socialblakers", there is a meteoric rise in the Facebook page of the Ennahar Group. It has recently reached the 9 million subscribers, widening the gap with his competitor, El Bilad.

The Facebook page of El-Bilad, which was a few months ago at the top of the ranking, is crossing the desert, since it stagnates at 7.8 million subscribers.

In this ranking, we also see the rise of Maracana Foot's sports Facebook page, with more than 6.3 million subscribers. Then, El-Khabar's page comes fourth with only 3 million subscribers.

In terms of performance, data available on "socialblakers" show that Ennahar's page earns more than 22,000 new subscribers daily, while El-Bilad only registers about 2,000 new subscribers per day. These figures explain the rise of Ennahar's page.

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